Martin Pichl, PhD

I'm a passionate data scientist, tech enthusiast, and entrepreneur interested in effective marketing automatization, predictive modelling, (music) information retrieval, recommender systems, and other data related projects.


I'm a former university assistant, focusing on (music) information retrieval, recommender systems and predictive modelling. Now entrepreneur accompanying my 170-year-old family business as a shareholder and general manager in the transition process from a traditional craft business into an innovative industry 4.0 company. Besides, I'm a freelance data scientist consulting companies for data related projects and developing marketing automatization solutions for companies of all sizes.

What I Do

Data Science

- Descriptive Statistics
- Time Series Analysis and Predictive Modelling
- Machine Learning (Clustering, Classification, Dimension Reduction)

Recommender Systems

- Model-based Collaborative Filtering
- Content-Based Filtering
- Hybrids

Marketing Automation

- Marketing automation using recommender systems
- Personalized and automaded e-mail marketing
- Lead detection using machine learning

R Programming

- Data Analytics
- Machine Learning Projects
- Recommender Systems
- Shiny WebApps

Python Programming

- Data Analytics
- Machine Learning
- Recommender Systems

Other Data Related Projects

I love data analytics and databases, so feel free to contact me for any data related project.


7 Years of Experience


May 2018
University of Innsbruck

PhD in Computer Science

I focused on (music) information retrieval and (music) recommender systems.

May 2014
University of Innsbruck

MSc Degree in Business Information Systems

I focused on recommender systems and in particular on music recommender systems.

July 2012
University of Innsbruck

BSc Degree in Economics

I focused on empirical economics and in particular on time series analysis.


October 2019 - Current
University of Innsbruck

External Lecturer

I'm teaching Database Systems for the Master Information Systems and Unsupervised Machine Learning for the ULG Data Science.

September 2018 - Current
University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

External Lecturer

I'm teaching Advanced Databases and Recommender Systems.

March 2013 - Current

Self-emplyed Consultant and Data Scientist

I'm a freelance data scientist and consultant, happy to support data related projects for companies of any size.

March 2010 - Current
Pichl Medaillen GmbH

Active Partner

Shareholder and general manager, focusing on applying machine learning techniques for marketing automation.

June 2014 - June 2018
University of Innsbruck

University Assistant

For four years, I have been a university assistant in the Databases and Information Systems Group (DBIS) at the University of Innsbruck. Besides research in the field of information retrieval and recommender systems, I hold Proseminars in the courses databases, data warehouse systems, algorithms and data structures as well as information retrieval.




Online Marketing


Relational Databases


NoSQL Databases


Coding Skills










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